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Meet Sara

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I’m Sara. I’m an empowerment coach who helps others break out of their shell and release the powerful voice within.

I know how it feels to be trapped by self-doubt. For years I moved from one toxic relationship to the next, unknowingly trying to fill my need to feel accepted and validated.

Time and again, I put myself last. I gave people who hurt me the benefit of the doubt. I let bad situations go on too long, thinking it was my responsibility to make it work.

Deep down, I believed it was the best I could do. I wasn’t confident that I was worthy of more.

My wake-up call was a violent encounter with someone I trusted who nearly killed me. As I recovered, I realized I was tired of living like this.

I was tired of being disrespected.


I was tired of settling for less.


With God’s grace and powerful support, I worked to become the confident woman I was meant to be.

I learned to accept where my life has been and to forgive the idea that it could have been different. I learned how my beliefs about relationships were limiting my confidence.

After finding my voice, I began helping others stuck in a “worthy-less” mindset to find theirs.

When you let go of fear and past hurts, you begin to see that you are worthy. You find the strength to break unhealthy relationship patterns.

Your most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. When you love yourself, you can live authentically.

You don’t need a relationship to be happy and fulfilled. And the relationships you have can become healthier and more balanced, built on trust and respect.

Best of all, loving yourself is something you can learn to do.


It takes courage to let go of the past and become who you were meant to be. But I know you can do it because I did.


I am beyond excited to help you get out of your own way and free yourself from the things that are holding you back.


Are you ready to rebuild self-worth and embrace your intuitive voice?

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Sara Kindvall
Certified Professional Life Coach
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