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Tell me,

Is this where you have been?

  • You are worried about your relationships, doing whatever it takes to keep the peace.

  • You are being manipulated or disrespected in your relationships.

  • You constantly seek other peoples’ approval.

  • You keep quiet when something is bothering you because you don't want to 'rock the boat'.

And perhaps...

  • You ignore the red flags & put up with the "deal breakers"

  • You are always doing for others and feel guilty taking care of yourself.

  • You start to ‘rethink’ or relinquish your values.

  • You often wonder "can I do better?"

  • You ignore friends and family advice.

You deserve better.

  • You deserve freedom from toxic relationships.

  • You deserve to be loved, treated with respect AND to love yourself.

  • You deserve the confidence to live your life fully.

  • Once you discover the power of your own voice, your relationships can be richer, healthier, and based on respect.

Reset Your Crown program
will help you to...
  • get clear on your ideals in a relationship.
  • become aware of potential red flags to avoid.
  • develop your intuitive voice that speaks to you from a place of love, knowledge and self awareness.
  • begin to see and believe you are worthy of so much more than you’ve been subjecting yourself to.
  • embrace your own authentic desires and dreams, despite the assumed position put on you by others.
Program is 8 Weeks of Customized
1:1 Coaching
  • A mix of mindset coaching and NLP techniques tailored to your individual needs.
  • Program based on where you are now and what you need to reach your goals
  • 8 1:1 One-hour sessions done over zoom
  • Support Between Sessions - You have my full support for 8 weeks and can message me (I will reply between 10am-7pm Monday-Friday) I know how important it is to have a supportive ear when issues come up and I'll be there for you. 
Your Investment...
  • I offer packages at different price points tailored to your needs, so please reach out and book a breakthrough call to discuss your options. 
  • My coaching style is not a one size fits all and the programs are personalized to each individual's goals, needs & struggles.
  • When you commit to the program and do the work, you will always be rewarded. It's an investment in yourself.
  • I do my best to work with you and your financial situation and also offer payment plans. 
Contact Me 

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Your emotional and mental health is very important to me. I am not a therapist and will only work with those that I feel I can truly help. A complimentary discovery call is done prior to committing to determine if working together is the best for you and I both.
Sara Speaks Final Logo.png
Sara Kindvall
Certified Professional Life Coach
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