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Healthy Relationship Education


Are you living the life you want? Or is something holding you back?

I know that feeling. You are always doing for others and feel guilty taking care of yourself.

You constantly seek other peoples’ approval.

You keep quiet when you have a good idea because you think no one wants to hear it.

You are constantly worried about your relationships, doing whatever it takes to keep the people around you happy.

But are YOU happy?

Help from someone who’s been there

I’ve struggled with feelings of not being good enough. I rode the roller coaster of toxic relationships. I settled for less because I didn’t believe I was worthy of better.

I walked that road and came out on the other side.

If I could do it, so can you.

You can go confidently after the life you want. You can love the woman in the mirror.

There is a peace that comes from knowing your real value. Once you discover the power of your own voice, your relationships can be richer, healthier, and based on respect. You can go after the things you want without fear that you’re not good enough.

What others have said

“When I started my coaching with Sara, I didn’t realize how much I still didn’t believe in and love myself after doing a lot of work on my own. Now I see what value and worth I hold on my own. I no longer yearn for closure from a past relationship; I see what I want moving forward.” – Dennika
“I felt safe opening up to Sara, like she was an old friend that I could confide in. She does not rush the process and asks the right questions to bring limiting beliefs to the surface. I was surprised at what she was able to help me realize and heal from. I’m thankful for my time with her!” – Alex

You deserve better

You deserve freedom from toxic relationships. You deserve to love yourself. You deserve the confidence to live your life fully.

I’m proud of you for coming this far and I can’t wait to see where you go. Let’s get started.
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Sara Kindvall
Certified Professional Life Coach
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