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Sara Kindvall speaks with a quiet strength that keeps audiences riveted. Listeners will be impressed as much by her dynamic presence as by her incredible story.

Sara speaks candidly and with great empathy. She bravely invites audiences into her past and gently guides them through powerful lessons about relationships and self-worth.

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Sara Speaks speaking at domestic violence conference
Take Back the Night flyer
Sara Kindvall Sara Speaks on Kelo Living Show
Sara Speaks shared as guest on Influential SHE podcast

Audiences relate to Sara’s gentle authenticity because her words are rooted in her own journey of self-discovery. She speaks with honesty and vulnerability about addiction, controlling relationships, and low self-worth.

Her story of struggle and triumph inspires audiences and leaves them feeling personally touched.

Sara is available to speak on topics of self-worth & confidence, toxic relationship signs, and domestic violence prevention and recovery.

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“I’ve had the opportunity to present with Sara in a few different settings and she is an excellent presenter.  She is well prepared for the specific audience, extremely articulate in communicating her thoughts and feelings, and open in a way that helps those listening get a true understanding of the issue of domestic violence.  People are able to connect with her and she is eager to have open dialogue about this extremely important issue she is passionate about.  Sara’s strength is evident and I admire her very much.”   

~Amy Carter, Children’s Inn Director

"Sara’s presentation on her survival at the hands of an abusive partner was so compelling.  It would not be easy for anyone to share their personal story as a victim, but Sara was beautiful in how she presented her story.  She gave our audience a very personal inside look into her pain and survival that gave us all, as professionals working with victims of domestic violence, better understanding on how we provide services. Those of us working in the field of family violence and prevention are always looking for ways that we can better serve, protect and educate.  Sara and her story has made an impression on all of us professionals because of how eloquently she was able to share."  

~Gina Karst, Safe Harbor Executive Director

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